Ala Shiban
  • Bel Balad: The Webseries that didn’t happen 2010, 5 years ago, we ventured into the world of dSLR video. My friend and I decided to explore the capabilities of his newly minted Canon camera for creating short videos. That journey lead us to creating a crew that would produce a pilot for a Mystery-oriented Web Series that never launched. Unlike its final outcome, the […] No responses January 31, 2015
  • How To Make Long Distance Flying Easy Once or twice a year, I tend to fly for 16 hours to visit my home town of Haifa, Israel. If we do some quick math, there’s a total of 64 nightmare-ish hours I spend on an airplane (round trip) cramped up like a box. I’ve been finding ways to minimize the difficulty of the […] No responses November 14, 2014
  • 4 Unofficial Things I Love Doing as a PM Being a PM has been the most fun and differentiated experience so far in my exploratory career. While there are better known core PM skill sets and super powers, some of the related habits are more subjective to personality types. I’d like to tell you about 4 of my Unofficial Things I Love Doing as […] No responses October 31, 2014
  • Running XBMC on Amazon FireTV Step by Step Tutorial With the release of the Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and TheVerge posts around AndroidTV, the 99$er TV set-top box war is getting into high gear. Let’s take a step back though. The FireTV sports a 2GB RAM, dedicated GPU, quad core Qualcomm CPU and a full-size USB port for 99$. This is a fantastic low-end PC […] 22 responses April 5, 2014
  • Web Scraping – How to turn web sites into data Every now and then I prototype an idea for an application or tool, and find myself copy/pasting demo data from a service just so I the prototype can feel more real. This is known as web scraping or screen scraping, and it can be both fun and excruciatingly tedious. So I wrote a small script you […] 2 responses January 12, 2014
  • Conferences vs unConferences Most people I know have attended or are familiar with entrepreneurship and startup related conferences. Conferences gather people, seat them, and then lecture to them on a certain subject. The quality of the conference predominantly depends on the speakers’ ability to inspire the audience. However, nowadays you can hear some of the best talks on […] 3 responses August 30, 2013
  • Must Watch Science #1: Robotics Technology is Evolving Think about the world 15 years ago. Ask your self how you used to accomplish these tasks and how they were different back then: Coordinating and meeting friends in a public place Discovering what an acquaintance has been up to Finding and buying a good appliance for the best price around you […] No responses August 4, 2013
  • Building a Windows 8.1 App using TypeScript and Opensource It’s been fun following and contributing to the growing sense of transformation in Microsoft. Windows 8 is continuously being improved, with alot of creative innovation going into the core experience, not to mention that even Woz is appreciative of the effort. One of the cooler things I find great in Win8+ is the ability to […] 2 responses July 29, 2013
  • Visiting Singularity University The Visit Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of joining Singularity University for a week, visiting a good friend of mine who’s attending. (Thanks Asaf!) Singularity University brings together amazing people from all around the world: Scientists, entrepreneurs and free thinkers to try and mash them into a problem solving collective that can talk all the […] One response July 29, 2013